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The finish and the beginning

By this very first blog I'm officially starting my personal blog. There is a lot of what needs to be done here, but let's to finish it later - there are more important tasks for me.


By finishing this website I'm also beginning, what I hope I can called the new chapter. The main purpose of this blog is hope that it could help me to achieve my goals. That when I publish my plans publicly and they will be written somewhere, it'll motivate me more.


After a year wondering around LessWrong's topics, visiting some kind of philosophy discuss group and a lot of personal contemplation I decided to get fully advantage of my awareness.

What does it mean? I do think about world out of the ordinary frame and I can get to conclusions what the most people could not. I'm determined to benefit from this advantage as much as I can for good. "Oh no, what the hell this means - no one can decide what 'good' means?!" - I would recommend you to read The Fallacy of Gray, but for those who don't like to be clever (or just don't have time to read that) I'll only say: "Given the fact that no one can decide what 'good' (and 'bad') doesn't mean that we do not need to ask this question and try hard to answer it. I'm strongly confident about being able to distinguish what is 'better' then something else". Don't think I'm not taking this seriously - It's definitely going to be one of the biggest riddles of my life.


For this I'm going to need some weaponry. Although I'm not absolutely weapon-less right now, my gear is equivalent to pen knife and flickering lantern. By these I mean a basic skills in these:

  1. Rationality - ability to engage in the truth and convincing arguments, ability to follow links, think outside of the box, overcoming some of the known biases, resist to the irrational behaving, control emotions, willing to change my mind for truth
  2. Social abilities - not ostracised by any social group and have couple of strong friendship, including my more than two years long relationship with my girlfriend, can work on my own or in team, can be led and can lead others
  3. Will and commitment - have relatively strong will and ability to follow my goals

The actual change

To improve this equipments I'm going to do couple of things, which will be listed in Projects section.

  • Start reading organized reading list
  • Get list of possessions and try to keep them low
  • Increase academic knowledge - learn basics in maths, physics, IT, epistemology, evolution, psychology, AGI, neuroscience...
  • Use space repetition programs (ANKI)
  • Use pomodoro technique
  • Use beeminder
  • Regularly give money in order of efficient charity
  • Start some other goals (regularly workout, read, maybe meditate...)
  • Improve social skills, get proper and well-paid job to have ability to have financial stability and could support my goals
  • Educate others

Enough of speaking. Let's go to work.