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Install Torch, iTorch and luarocks at (Arch) Linux

I currently needed to install Torch on my Arch Linux machine, but packages in AUR and even in Core repository were out of date.

I don't enjoy installing anything system-wide if it's strictly not through pacman (including pip etc.). And I do like to keep my home directory clean us much as possible.

Torch also brinch iPython kernel iTorch. But I have iPython installed system-wide. Fortunately, it's able to install kernels localy. Currently you do not find a lot of information about installing new kernel, by the way. Torch is also highly dependend on Luarocks (if you want to use it for something usefull). Fortunately, Torch comes with luarocks bundled in. Again, you don't need to install it system-wide and play with --local flag. Everything will be installed inside one directory of your choice (preferably in your home dir, but in top level).

Anyway, as simply stated on official github pages of Torch, co can build Torch on your own, in any directory you wish. Just change these lines:

git clone https://github.com/torch/distro.git ~/torch --recursive
cd ~/torch; ./install.sh

to something like:

git clone https://github.com/torch/distro.git ~/MYDIR/torch --recursive
cd ~/MYDIR/torch; ./install.sh

and enjoy. This script will install iTorch kernel to your ~/.ipython/kernels and also add some lines (containing PATH to current Torch dir) into your ZSH or BASH config files.

This let you keep clean your home and system plus you can still have upstream version of repository using git. Awesome!