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Arrival day in Lund University (Lund #1)

Awesome. Just awesome.

First of all, everything around Lund University is brutally well organized. What do I mean by that? When I took first step out of the train from Copenhagen (109 SEK) I was suddenly surrounded by three students from LU easily recognizable by their blue shirts. They asked me how I was doing, what was my name and from where I'd arrived. Then they helped me with the luggage and took me to our shuttle bus. Around were next dozen of LU students and two very sweet girls drove us to the AF Borgen - main headquarters of students. During the drive we've got some information about Lund and again - "How was your journey? Where are you from? Etc."

When they kicked us out, next 4 LU staffs give us information sheet, which describes what and in what order we should preferably proceed through our check-in. I have to answer again these question about the way, how I feel and so... Just great. Did I mention that everybody so far was super nice?

My first stop was in the luggage room, where we could drop off our bags for the duration of necessary administration steps. I had a problem with not having a single Swedish crown, but there is a cash machine inside the building. Just on the cca 50m long way to the luggage room, which was lined by signs about every 2 meters "Luggage" I was assured by other staffs that I am doing well :D . I just dropped off my luggage next to friendly and very sweet students and continued according to the information sheet.

The next and first step was to check-in. Because of many students arriving in the same day (about 2000 of them) there were some queues. But even those were organized by going in rows between chairs. During the waiting you we could chat with our neighbors, but you also get cookie, Mars/Lion bar or a bonbon every few minutes from friendly staffs.

The check-in doesn't look like check-in. It's like having a great conversation in cafe with some friend you've just met. Clara, my check-in partner first introduced herself and then very slowly and nicely explained me all the information I needed to know. Of course by providing nice and informative guides included in the welcome package. This package also includes SMS card with some prepaid data plan.

The second stop is in the same style. You have to buy tickets for some events which are during orientation weeks (about 300 SEK). Then I had to buy a SUSA (Swedish course) book for the course (20 SEK).

Then I went to collect my keys for the room - also in the same building and nicely signalized. It was like buying a house - very nice man in his forties very kindly explained me everything I need to know about the room and I got the key.

After meeting my super sweet Erasmus coordinator, which assured me that everything is OK with my stay I took my luggage and after using free WiFi, which is all around the building I got out. I bought kind of pricey sheets, pillow and blanket for 450 SEK. There was a guy who managed the shuttle buses and in 2 minutes I was sitting in one of them and it took me to my dorm in Margaretsvagen.

The room is awesome - big desk, two lamps, sink, wardrobes, bed, chair, sofa and a big shelf. Three new renovated windows which opens smoothly and seems like there will be no problem with them in winter. This supports the fact that in this quite big room is 2 meters long adjustable radiator. The connection is working out-of-the-box and I can give myself about 30 minutes of sleep. Then I have to clean the mess and get something to eat. Lidl is about 20 minutes of walk, I haven't took the best way on the first try, though... Prices aren't astronomically horrible. 1 litre of milk for 17 SEK, good (dark) bread for 18 SEK, can of tuna fish for 14 SEK and so on. I will take a closer look at prices later. I was so hungry that I couldn't wait until I got to the room. As a consequence, I eat quarter of the bread with my bare hands like an animal in front of a stadium.

The weather is nice - about 20 degrees Celsius, but with heavy wind. Nothing unbearable, but it's notable. The folks here says that we are lucky about the weather. It was rainy almost whole summer.

After getting home and changing my room to something livable, I checked the Facebook group "Sell/Buy stuffs in Lund" for bikes. Fortunately, some girl needs to sell here bike for only 450 SEK. In a minute we've arranged a meeting and 20 minutes later I have my new bike! How fast!

In 18:00 there is arrival meet-up. All students are welcome to meet in AF Borgen. So many international students in one place is hard to manage, but it works. I meet a lot of new people and it's also enhanced by "speed-friending" activity. It's like speed-dating, but just for getting to know as much people as possible. I am not really big fun of this and quantity is not my priority, so I left after about hour or so back to my room. Fortunately, I've met my new roommates - two nice girls from Canada, one girl from Holland and one guy from Finland. We set out on a quest for food, but ICA and Lidl have been already closed, so they appealed their hunger in petrol station. After getting back from the quest we met the rest of our roommates - another guy from Canada, one from US and one Taiwan girl.

Quick supper will do it's work and I can finally go to bed (after finishing this report :) ). Tomorrow I have my first SUSA class and also general information meeting from the head of the city.

The fact that everybody speaks by fluent English is just icing on the cake.