Rationalist Life and Productivity Coaching

I am offering life and productivity coaching.

I take the coachee's problems as something to be curious about, being non-judgmental and supportive, ideally combining some of my experiences with the coachee's expertise on themselves.

I enjoy bug hunting and problem-solving of any size, ranging from “mundane human issues” like getting things done or general life optimization to major life decisions. I cherry-pick from many techniques and approaches - starting by finding the underlying structure of the issue and then guide the coachee through in whatever way seems most appropriate. That may include internal alignment techniques, attention control, general life design, habits, existential therapy bits, motivational interviewing, and so on.

Effective Altruists and Rationalists/LessWrongers seem to appreciate the shared values and similar mindset and language. I went through CFAR's instructor training course and after that joined the CFAR's coaching program.

Please contact me on my email about the current rates and availability.