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Avoid Meetingbird and Front ( products

This blog is far from viral, but it has a couple of thousands of views a month and likely a lot of the visitors could be interested in products by .

I want to argue against that, as I don't think they can be trusted anymore.

Just a few months ago when I wanted to optimize my scheduling process, I looked for free calendly alternative. I was so happy to find out about , as it had everything I needed and look at their pricing - FREE FOREVER:

Free forever

Well, if you read their announcement, where they kindly inform you that the Meetingbird is going to be shutdown in about 6 weeks (that's a very short notice for SW - seriously, you didn't know sooner?! I don't even want to know how your planning looks like then), you find out this bit:

It’s also important to note that Front’s pricing plans start at $9/user/month. All Front plans include Front Scheduling.

BANG! Free Forever just changed to $9/month.

No, I don't think that the fact that it was free gives you the freedom to change your promises any time you wish. You could argue that technically, it was Meetingbird promising this and not Front. That's true, but I do think that if you are acquiring a service, you are acquiring it with the obligations that service/company did. You don't have to respect that, but then don't get surprised it's disappointing your new customers. I would understand this decision in some circumstances like, "We would go broke if we haven't done this", but I don't see that to be the case. Yes, improving communication would help a lot here, instead of just "Oh, and by the way, nothing to really discuss: 9$/month". It's hard for me to believe that no one has noticed this "change" in the team.

I contacted their support, but I haven't got any answer.

Even if this post doesn't turn a single person against supporting them, I wanted to do something - I believe that this behaviour should be punished by public and they shouldn't get away with it.