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Connect a bluetooth keyboard to Rasperry Pi 3 Arch Linux ARM

I just wanted to connect a bluetooth keyboard WK29B keyboard to my Raspberry Pi. It wasn't immediately straightforward, so I had to:

  1. install base-devel to be able to build packages from AUR
  2. download hciattach-rpi3 and pi-bluetooth
  3. untar both of them (e.g. tar xvf hciattach-rpi3)
  4. build and install hciattach-rpi3 first by makepkg -si
  5. then build and install pi-bluetooth
  6. enable and start bcrm43438 by sudo systemctl enable brcm43438.service, sudo systemctl start brcm43438.service
  7. install bluez, bluez-utils by pacman -Sy bluez
  8. enable and start bluetooth
  9. go to bluetoothctl shell and:
power on  
agent on  
scan on  # make sure that your keyboard/device is discoverable (I had to press ctrl+K)  
pair MAC_ADDRESS # I had to "blindly" type some code and press enter  
connect MAC_ADDRESS  

That should be all!