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Export notes from Kindle Duokan 2014


I'm happy user of alternative firmware for Kindle called Duokan. During first book I read I made couple of notes and highlights in text. After a while I decided to export them from Kindle, so I can manage them somewhere else, mainly on PC to mark these in PDF for future (more about it in my post Taking notes during reading).

I wasn't able to find some solid answer if that is possible, not even how to do it. The only mention was in this post, which says that it's possible to export notes to Evernote, but no how.

I finally managed how to do it and here is solution:

  1. Open the book from which you want to export notes in your Kindle and press menu button (the one with three lines).
  2. Choose Bookmark (second choice, name depends on your language)
  3. Choose third tab Comments & Digest
  4. Go down to Export to Evernote
  5. Now choose Evernote international (If you registered in regular Evernote site, not the Chinese version usually called yinxiang)
  6. Insert your credentials and allow access
  7. Your content should be exported to Evernote with nice formatting :)

Unfortunately you can't see pages or place from where the comment is, but it's still better than nothing and closest as I get to solve my note taking problem.