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My Python stack variant June 2019

Some people ask me about my Python stack. Here it is. This is extremely subjective, of course, I don't claim this is the best for everyone, I am not really that opiniated :-) .

For stateless APIs:

  • fast-api to build it
  • uvicorn to run it
  • hug is ugly but sometimes useful, especially when you need API as well as CLI

For stateful websites:

  • django
  • django-rest-framework
  • gunicorn

with postgre database, if sqlite3 is not enough (or it runs in a container). For testing, use pytest. For formatting, black is the correct way. vulture can help with the dead code. bandit for safety. Pipenv for deps, use pipenv check for safety. pandas when you need to crunch tables of data. When your data are sizable (more than hundreds of MBs), use HDF format with snappy compression (hopefully replaced soon by Apache Arrow).

Always start a project with the newest version (including Python, 3.7 is right as of now). Update often based on database safety checks.