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Change default folder for ANKI (space repetition)

As you can see in my Beeminder project I've started using ANKI space repetition software. After installing it I found out that ANKI default folder is inside my home directory which I try to keep as clean as possible with KISS philosophy in mind.

To my surprise I hadn't found easy solution to change it, so I had to look to the source and found where the settings is.

Best solution

As kos mentioned in discussion, there is an easier solution than the one you can find down in this post - your can run Anki with -b parametr as this: anki -b /path/to/anki/folder.

I created /usr/bin/local/anki and inserted this::

 /usr/bin/anki -b /path/to/folder/with/Anki

Now it's necessary to assure that when you call command anki, it will execute the one in the /usr/bin/local/anki and not the one in /usr/bin/anki. You need to have /usr/local/bin in front of /usr/bin in you $PATH variable. To check this, you can type echo $PATH in terminal. My is e.g.:


if you need help to change it, you can take a look on WikiHow.

Then just add executable permissions and voilà :) .

Original solution (use it only if above doesn't work)

  1. Go to the folder where ANKI is installed, in my case:

  2. Edit file in aqt folder called profiles.py, you have to find category Helpers and edit appropriate line (it depends which OS you use: Win, Mac, Linux..) you wish:

    def _defaultBase(self):
        if isWin:
            if False: #qtmajor >= 5:
                loc = QStandardPaths.writeableLocation(QStandardPaths.DocumentsLocation)
                loc = QDesktopServices.storageLocation(QDesktopServices.DocumentsLocation)
            return os.path.join(loc, "Anki")
        elif isMac:
            return os.path.expanduser("~/Documents/Anki")
            return os.path.expanduser("~/Anki")

e.g I edited last line to this:

return os.path.expanduser("~/edu/Anki")

to change my default folder to ~/edu/Anki.