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Convert many .cvf contacts to Google Contacts importable CSV

I stumbled upon a problem when I had many .cvf files and needed to import them to Google Contacts. Unfortunately, Google Contacts supports only one-file import, so rather than importing hundreds of .cvf contacts one by one, I decided to write a script with importable CSV.

This is barebone minimum - just import this script inside the directory with all .cvf contacts and run it with Python 3 from that directory. As a name for that contact, a name of the .cvf is used. The script is easily extendable for catching arbitrary type of strings based on the structure of your .cvf files.

It will create CSV results.csv with everything.

import glob  
import re

def process_one_contact(vcf_file):  
    with open(vcf_file, "r") as ifile:
        r =
    tel = re.findall("PREF:(.*)\\n", r)[0]
    return tel

conts = {}  
for vcf in glob.glob("*.vcf"):  
        conts[vcf.split(".")[0]] = process_one_contact(vcf)
        print("done", vcf)
        print("failed: ", vcf)

with open("results.csv", "w") as ifile:  
    ifile.write(Given Name,Phone1-Type,Phone1-Value")
    for name, tel in conts.items():
        ifile.write("{},mobile,{}\n".format(name, tel))