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Goals in September 2016

Update 29.12.2016

So I managed to somehow tackle my goals until 23.12.2016, which was the original target. Thank you all for a support. Now I have to evaluate if this works for me and what the benefits/costs ratio is. Will update about March 1 2017.

Original post

After reading The motivation Hacker, which I warmly recommend, I decided to try to formalise my goals and habits (unfortunately, again ;-( ).

One of the motivation hacks written there is social commitment/contract and burning the ships. If you want to know what does it mean, you can find it the book for a price of one lunch ($3).

What it means for those I am writing this post? I am basically asking you for a favour. I would like you to periodically check this page and if you see that I am failing on some of my goals, nudge me aggressively into my ribs.

So below are my goals, which I will review the day before the Christmas on 23. 12. 2016 (link to the Google Calendar event) and I would love to see I haven't failed any of them (with your help).


I decided to use beeminder for goals I want to track unconditionally. So far there is no pledge on any of the goals to see if I can make it without obvious loss. Then, pledges will come...

You can read more about the goals in the fine prints (on the page of the goal, down on the right bar).

Research task

ANKI repetition


After this goal ends (after a month), let see if it is a worthwhile habit to have and decide about future.

EDIT (04. 10. 2015): Heh, I have even doubled my original goal and I still reached the output part of the goal (total number of words). But I still continue to have at least 400 words per day for next cca 12 days.


This goals starts with the semestr.

Uni study

This goals starts with the semestr.

Update: Have to change units from hours to minutes. Will take effect the next week.

Healthy posture

Non-beeminding goals

These goals doesn't fit into Beeminder a lot. Will use some tracking devices such as Habitica or Nomie to track these.

Lucid dreaming

I wanna to learn lucid dreaming. I was successful on my third day of about 15 minutes practise in total - that is great! But, overall, this isn't a huge goal - mostly just for fun. I have to:

  1. Keep a dream journal whenever possible (at least one dream per night)
  2. Do reality checks at least 3 times a day
  3. Thinking about lucid dreaming every time I fall asleep

Drink water regularly

Drink more water during a day. Create a habit to have a bottle with water next to me all the time.

Happiness tracking

Let's start with Daylio app (otherwise, probably Nomie will work to have it all in one place). At least 3 checks until the first review day (December 23). Try to be as specific as possible when saving the information.

No overdue tasks in my todo list

I am also switching from Todoist to Toodledo. Partially because their premium is half the price, they have better exports and charts to keep me motivated, lists, habits and so on. But that UI and Android app... But the functionality is more important here, so hello Toodledo.

This task is weakly defined so far - I will at least try to track how much of those tasks has been postponed to see how big problem it is. And of course apply Nick's trick: Do the task now, or postpone it on some day when you definitely DO IT. Otherwise, don't do it.

Inbox Zero

This is actually quite easy with Google Inbox postponing and marking done stuff. I have been already doing it anyway. I will track this in Nomie and see if I need to beemind it.

Continue on my way towards master's degree

That means basically:

  1. finishing all mandatory subjects from my study plan (around 10 subjects)
  2. finishing my research task
  3. finishing my thesis
  4. pass final exams