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Fifth week in Lund (Lund #7)

It's almost three weeks from the time I wrote my last report from Lund and I I will start with last week of Nolning event - the introduction event from my faculty I have been writing all along.

On Monday 14 there was a lecture from patent firm Strom and Gullikson in our guild house. These lectures are common here according to our mentors. It's quite interesting, since people from very influential and prospective organizations come to school, pay about 1 000 EUR to our student organization and can educate students about their work and company. Unfortunately, these talks are held in English and hence inaccessible for us, international students. But the concept is interesting!

In the late afternoon there was an event called Waterloo. It was basically a fight (more like Capture the Flag) between guilds using water balloons. Quite fun I must say, but it was a bit short, since it had last only for several minutes until we were until of balloons.

The next day we went to toga party which is self-explanatory... Everybody had to wear a toga for whole evening. There was also some food and free (resp. included in price) beer. In the middle of the party we all went out, played a game called ninja and then we've got spray paint to make our boring white togas more entertaining... I think there is no surprise I have been sick here for last month with these events. Going from quite small and overcrowded building outside after quite heavy rain and spend there about 20 minutes isn't recommended approach to cure a cold...

On Wednesday there were lecture from Saab and then study night. I am not sure if I have described study nights in previous reports, but these are just study sessions with free food.

Thursday was just a movie night with our mentor group and on Friday there was a bike fixing day. The university just borrow all the bike repairing stuffs to you, prepare some food and you can repair your bike for free (oil up a chain, tighten it, change tubes, tires...). This was very convenient, because the day before my back tire literally exploded :( . I had to buy another one and when I did, I noticed that even the tire is damaged and I need to buy new one. Hence I did (for 14 EUR!) and I hope that it will hold for a while. I also tuned up Ame Lia (my bike's name) and it seems it helped - the chain is not falling and I feel more save riding it. Now there are much better and cheaper bikes for sale, since a lot of students have left after their finals in September (masters). I guess it will be really hard to sell bikes to students who come at summer term.

Finally Saturday. This is official ending of the introduction. The event started with a movie from one of mission group and it was followed by performance from another mission group. We haven't attended, since it was entirely in Swedish...

But the formal sitning was quite nice. The format was similar to those before, but there were that atmosphere of something ending. A lot of performances had been on the stage. There were also some formalities like best students or best teachers awards for the previous year. Besides that, first years could also put that special cap which is allowed only after Nolning. They did, by first they had to drink a punch from it (blah). Then again party, after party and you know what. I left after few minutes at the first party :) .

Finally some rest!