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Hosting my friends, Ystad, Ales stones and Malmo visit

Since Nolning finally ended, I have some free time to plan other things what I wanted to do here. Furthermore, two of my friends T&V are visiting me.

On Wednesday 23 a group of five - me, T&V, Lune and Tosk - travelled to the south-east of Sweden. I borrowed a car from our guild which really saved a lot money and time. Furthermore, we could stop anywhere we wanted. The total price was about 500 SEK for all and we travelled back and forth from west to east, so compared to the public transport very cheap. Borrowing a car wasn't problem instead the fact that it was an automatic instead of manual. I'd driven such a car only once and so I was quite surprised. Nevertheless it was OK after Daft showed me how to drive it :D . We visited four interesting places.

  1. Small lake which we saw on a map and just said lets go to stop here! Quite nice.
    Did I mentioned that in Sweden you are able to right of public access to the wilderness which is basically everyman's right is the general public's right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise.
  2. A cost city called Ystad with its beautiful streets and pastel coloured buildings.
  3. Sandhammaren beaches at very south-east. Breathtaking never ending beaches with fine and white sand. It's no surprise that it is natural reservation. It is also very interesting place for another reason - it is the biggest graveyard of wrecks. In history it was a place where pirates "abetted" (that word is wrong, but I don't know a better one) ships using faked lighthouses and then rubbed them easily at ground. It's also very unsettling part of sea with strong currents which makes it hard to sail here.
  4. Already mentioned Ales stones. System of stones similar to the Stonehenge (but much much younger).

The trip was great and there we made many of nice photos (because of others I am not going to submit them into public folder).

Another trip we made was on Friday to Malmo. It's quite nice town with small historical centre which you could go through in an hour. Then we visited "castle", which is rather big house (compared to our castles)... It's funny when you find out that this bigger building was one of very important ones during middle age where all kings were inaugurated and so on. There is great museum (20/40 SEK student/adult) where you can get some information about Skane region (the southern part of Sweden) which used to belong to Denmark and there were many fights over it. Besides history there is great exposition of second world was activities of Sweden (did you know about White buses), refugees, talking about WWII victims and those who survived... Then there is some art and stuff, but that is kind of boring. But you can also find Aquarium part, where are interesting fishes, but also terrariums with snakes or big insect.

Then there is additional building - technical museum. The most of it is boring, but then there is IQ part, something like Science museums in our country. This was fun. The most interesting thing I had tried there was Mindball.

Then we visited the modern part of Malmo. One whole quarter of town were builded from scratch right on the edge of the town during some architecture competation. Next to coast with harbor, enormous park and beach. There is also one extraordinary building called Turning Torso.

After a short walk we travelled back to Lund meeting a lot of refugees on train station. They are coming to Malmo a lot now.

That's it for now!