1. Choosing framework for building Neural Networks (mainly RRN - LSTM) data-science contribution
  2. Anki error: sqlite3.DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed IT contribution
  3. SSH ipcluster with local and remote engines IT contribution
  4. Pycharm Error "fatal: Could not read from remote repository." IT
  5. Decoding an image of graph to table of values IT data-science
  6. Simple socket server-client application in Python 3 python programming
  7. Good habits when writing small console modules and scripts in Python 3 python programming
  8. Predicting sequences of vectors (regression) in Keras using RNN - LSTM python data-science
  9. Creating your own estimator in scikit-learn python data-science
  10. Installing spirit forum on your django website with Mandrill contribution python
  11. Obvazové techniky (obvazovetechniky.eu) contribution
  12. Lineární programování (Burdík 2014/2015)
  13. Animation of building double-helix structure with Blender and Python programming
  14. Fitting distribution in histogram using Python python data-science
  15. Kompletní bible v češtině v HTML a TXT (Kralická, Ekunemická, Bible21)
  16. Install Torch, iTorch and luarocks at (Arch) Linux
  17. Creating animation in Blender using Python
  18. Automatické přihlašování autobusů Student Agency
  19. Simple GitHub workflow for Django project with local database
  20. Solving second-order ODE by the finite difference method in Python
  21. Running IPython/Jupyter notebook on different computer
  22. Batch editing several geocaches on Geocaching.com
  23. Making Raspberry Pi usable contribution IT linux
  24. LaTeX formulas are not displaying on AnkiDroid
  25. Setting VNC for remote access (with port forwarding)
  26. Numerologie a výklad karet je podvod (+ audio záznam)
  27. Acer Aspire v5-123 dual-boot Linux and Windows 7
  28. Export PDF annotations from Mendeley to CSV or TXT
  29. Taking notes during reading
  30. Export notes from Kindle Duokan 2014