1. Obvazové techniky (obvazovetechniky.eu) contribution
  2. Lineární programování (Burdík 2014/2015)
  3. Animation of building double-helix structure with Blender and Python programming
  4. Fitting distribution in histogram using Python python data-science
  5. Kompletní bible v češtině v HTML a TXT (Kralická, Ekunemická, Bible21)
  6. Install Torch, iTorch and luarocks at (Arch) Linux
  7. Creating animation in Blender using Python
  8. Automatické přihlašování autobusů Student Agency
  9. Simple GitHub workflow for Django project with local database
  10. Solving second-order ODE by the finite difference method in Python
  11. Running IPython/Jupyter notebook on different computer
  12. Batch editing several geocaches on Geocaching.com
  13. Making Raspberry Pi usable contribution IT linux
  14. LaTeX formulas are not displaying on AnkiDroid
  15. Setting VNC for remote access (with port forwarding)
  16. Numerologie a výklad karet je podvod (+ audio záznam)
  17. Acer Aspire v5-123 dual-boot Linux and Windows 7
  18. Export PDF annotations from Mendeley to CSV or TXT
  19. Taking notes during reading
  20. Export notes from Kindle Duokan 2014
  21. Bluez - greatest linux mystery
  22. Add dictionaries to Duokan 2014 (Kindle)
  23. Use ReST in Django (and styling docutils with CSS)
  24. Change default folder for ANKI (space repetition)
  25. The finish and the beginning